A Perfect Way To Time Your Arrival At The Bus Stop

We can help you spend less time standing in the rain, snow and cold.

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Downloads for both iOS and Android available now!

The Best App For Your Comfort

Stay warmer longer - Stay dry longer - with BUS STOP

You can arrive at your bus stop within seconds of it's arrival

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Eliminate the time spent standing outside in the cold

School division and bussing companies will be able to communicate, in real time with their students, to ensure that their bus route runs smoothly and if there are any delays kids will know not to leave home, eliminating the time spent standing out in inclement weather.

  • Instant Messaging
  • Delayed Bus Alerts
  • You Stay Warm and Dry
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Get Important Alerts From The Bus Stop App

Open the app on your smart phone or tablet and Bus Stop will let you know how many kilometers away your bus is, allowing you to leave your home no sooner than needed. Giving you as much time possible to get your day organized, putting a stop to wondering if you will be late for the bus or just in time.

Parents will be relieved to know their kids aren’t freezing in the cold winds or waiting along the unsupervised roadside. No one will miss standing outside waiting for a bus.


Your Free Download Of The Bus Stop App is Available Now!

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